Rehabilitación y Terapia Física en tus manos…

Nuestra misión es motivar a mejorar la calidad de vida de sus semejantes a través

de terapia y rehabilitación física


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Pixl has taken our vision

to the next level. They are efficient,

creative, and friendly and we

couldn’t be happier with the work

they have produced.


Jane Doe

Bluth Company

I sat in on a meeting at Pixl

and I was sold within 5 minutes.

The brilliant people there are the

best at what they do and their work

clearly speaks for itself.


Johnny AppleSeed

Prestige Worldwide

We are fortunate enough to be

one of Pixl's first handful of

clients. I can proudly say that I

receive just as much attention and

communication as I did on day one.


Jack Smith

Stark Industries

Mexico D.F., Tel: 55 3198 4883